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bal gangadhar tilak is famous in other names which are "father of the Indian unrest" and second name is Lokmanya tilak. This person is one of bravest men and who had raised voice against British raj, you all know that this is the first leader of the independence movement, before joining the struggling of independence, Gangadhar Tilak had done better movement for Indian society.
From childhood he was intelligent, In 1880 with college friends Tilak had laid the foundation of new English school, which is Deccan education system and soon after he also started two newspaper in which one of the names was Kesari, which was arranged in multiple languages that were Marathi, and English. so this is the short bal gangadhar tilak story. for more information plesae click on the link.

by Bharatdarshan 30.08.2019 13:02

Golden Triangle Tours India

Golden triangle India a tourist circuit Connections start capital of India a Delhi, Agra, Jaipur. This is also called a triangular shape from Delhi, Agra to Jaipur on a map. Golden Triangle tour more other countries but India is famous for triangle shape city tour. There is other tours with Extension.

Golden Triangle Tours

1. Golden Triangle Private Tour
2. Golden Triangle Tour Train Tour
3. Golden Triangle Tour by Car

Tour with Extension

1. Golden Triangle Tour with Camel Safari
2. Golden Triangle Extensions - Corbett
3. Golden Triangle with Goa
4. Golden Triangle with Heart Of India

by anjali4568 26.08.2019 17:46

For many years our Indian government fails to resolve the issue that is child labour in india. This is a big issue which is not solving. the main reason behind its inflation because our Indian government is failing to reduce it. That law is published only on paper but not in real life. that's the live example you can see on the road where little children selling a pen, pencil and mirror cover for cars for living daily life.
If this problem is not solved in the future then our Indian middle-class people also living in the poverty line. you really know, the condition of labour types people in India is not good and they work day and night every day for eating. this child labour act in india was established in 1986.

by stateexpress 26.08.2019 13:35

Pushkar Camel fair

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