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There isn't a button on Snapchat that takes you to an editor where you can make the change, like there is on Twitter or other services. There is, however, a workaround that can help make the process slightly less painless. You'll have to create an all new username, and you'll want to do that before getting rid of your old username.
If you want to change your Snapchat username, here’s how to do the next best thing.
There are three simple methods the help the users to change their Snapchat username with a simple hack. In this post, we have explained all the three ways to change it regardless the reason behind it. Check it out!1. Change Snapchat Username with Custom Display Name
This is one of the best ways that help the users to change their Snapchat username using a custom display name. Snapchat allows the users to pick a display name that appears to their friends and others. It is possible to change the display name whenever you like and it will be visible for all your contacts both the existing and newly added contacts. The username might endure the same but it barely is visible to your buddies. Follow the below steps:
1. Access Snapchat Settings
Log in to your Snapchat account and tap the tiny ghost icon present at the top left corner of the screen to access your profile. In the top right corner of the screen, you can find the gear icon and go to Settings.
2. Edit your Display Name
The initial settings are related to your username. Even if you tap on the username option, nothing will be changed. You will find an icon next to it. By tapping that, you will be able to share your Snapchat username with others via different apps. Just tap the Name option and you will be able to edit your first name and last name from the respective fields. You can even leave the last name field empty. Hit the Save button after making specific changes.
3. Check your New Display Name
The names that you have saved in the previous step will appear in your friends’ chats as well as the stories instead of your username. Whenever your friends open a chat with you, only then, they will be able to view your username. After saving your display name, you can get back to your profile and check your new name that displays just below your snapcode.
different ways that help the users to Change Snapchat Username. Hope this tutorial has guided you in the best way to find the alternate solutions for changing the Snapchat username. If you still find it difficult or have any kind of queries, just drop them in the comments section below. Share your thoughts and ideas about the best Snapchat username with other readers.

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