How to Fix Outlook Search Function not working?

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Sometimes whenever you make any search in Microsoft Outlook 2016, a pop-up appears in front of your screen says “No message found”. This problem occurs due to multiple reasons and you have to find those issues and then fix them immediately in order to get back to use the search feature on Microsoft Outlook 2016. One of the most common reasons behind the Outlook 2016 search not working is improper indexing if your search item is not in indexing list, then you can’t use the search function. This solution is the last article because if nothing works out then this solution will surely search not working on mac for outlook all issues with your device and will solve Microsoft outlook Search Not Working properly in mac problem.

Here are the simple steps to fix Outlook 2016 search not working issue:

Method 1: Check the indexing status

An improper indexing may also cause several issues and search not working issue on Outlook is one among those. You can check the indexing status through the below steps:
• First of all, open the Outlook and then click on the Search box.
• Click on Search tools and then choose Indexing status.
• Now Indexing Status dialog box will open where you can see how much items are remaining for indexing.
• If you see the zero times are remaining, and then it means indexing is completed or if not, then wait to be completed.

Method 2: Rebuild the index

If search the bar has stopped working suddenly, then you can follow the below steps to fix Outlook 365 search not working issue in a very easy way just by rebuilding the index:
• Click on File tab in your Outlook 365 which is available on the top-corner side.
• Click on the Options and then choose Search.
• Now click on Indexing Options.
• Now you can see that which locations are indexed and then click on advanced option.
• After that, look for troubleshooting section and then click on Rebuild.
• Now rebuild the index to complete the process and then search option will work successfully.

Method 3: Remove the special characters

If you are using Outlook 2016 on Mac, then there could be lots of special characters and you can fix Outlook search not working Mac simply just by removing them through the below steps:
• Go to the Profile Name on Outlook.
• Click on Go and then click on Applications option.
• Click on Outlook and then choose Show Package Contents.
• After that, remove the special characters by applying the on-screen instructions.

With these above given methods, Outlook search not working issue can be fixed in a simple manner and if you are still getting any error, then contact the customer the support team for a result oriented assistance. As per you post, Windows 10 Search function not working on your system and we are glad to assist you. If you're having problems outlook search not working properly on mac, try using the outlook Search and troubleshooter to solve the issue.

Note :- That’s it you have successfully solve Microsoft outlook Search Not Working in mac/Windows 10 but if you still have any questions regarding this instruction then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.

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