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Being the widely famous software that AOL Desktop Gold is, they cater to a huge audience and sometimes these users come across with issues in the process of installation. If you care are also at this very position, there is nothing to be worried about. In this article, you would be able to effectively find out solutions on how to over the issue with the installation of AOL Desktop Gold. For any query related to this software connect with the AOL Desktop Gold Customer Support.

The basic troubleshooting methods to fix installation error are:

Always ensure that you are Install AOL Gold software using the official AOL account. Even if you are purchasing this software or downloading it from another site, make sure that the source you are downloading it from in a reliable source.

Before downloading the software, always make sure that your system is capable of hosting this software. Go through the software’s system requirement and ensure that minimum system requirements are being fulfilled.

System requirement for installing AOL Desktop Gold are as follows:

Required Operation System: Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS
Screen Resolution: 1024×768
Processor: 266MHz or better
Memory: 1GB Ram
Hard Disk: At least 512MB
Internet: Strong and stable
Do complete antivirus scan on your system and ensure that there is no virus or malware present in your system.

Advanced troubleshooting steps to fix an installation issue

When you undertake the basic and simple troubleshooting methods to rectify the installation error and it does not solve your problem. You can always try the advanced methods to resolve the issue.

During installation, complete the process as a normal user instead of an administrator

For the time being, disable all the application which has the potential to block certain functioning on your system such as Firewall, Windows Defender etc.
After you save the changes, reboot your system.
When you wish to install the software, go to the download file location and then right click on the downloaded file.
Start the installation process but instead of installing as administrator, proceed being a normal user.
Move forward with the installation process, following the steps that are being prompted.
If you come across an error which says ‘Communication software is running and won’t allow AOL Gold installation’

Without wasting any time, go to the task manager and stop the ‘waol.exe’ running file. To do this follow the given steps:

Use the Ctrl+Alt+Dlt command to open the task manager
Move over to the process tab and find the file ‘waol.exe’
Choose this file and opt to end the running process
This solution is ought to free you from the installation error and if it doesn’t you are left with the option to clean reboot the Windows.

To perform the Clean Reboot follow the given steps:

In the windows search bar, search for msconfig and select the system configuration
Navigate to the service tab that is being displayed and mark all the boxes next to ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ and select the option to disable all the said services.
Use the Ctrl+Shift+Esc command to and go to the startup tab, disable all the items.
After all this is done, restart your
If you still left clueless, ring up the AOL Desktop Gold Install number to avail their assistance.



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