3 delicious dishes of Dutch cuisine

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Bitterballen is the name of the crispy fried meat ball, just "mouth" in Amsterdam. This is a popular dish that is present in most street food stalls and is considered to be a favorite "drink" in beer shops here. Meat is marinated with a bit of mustard, fried in crispy golden in a pan of aromatherapy oil, served with boiled potatoes, jam cake or stewed peas. Each piece of meat has a relatively small size, but when eaten, it will bring about a burst of flavor, especially the bold and mustard taste in the dish that will easily make people "drunk".

Thick Dutch Fries

A special feature of this dish is the thin slices of potatoes called "patat" or "frites" that will often be served in a paper hat with special sauces. One thing to note when combining sauce with this dish is: patatjie oorlog will come with tofu sauce, mayo sauce, onion; and patat special will be served with a combination of curry, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, onions.

It is a popular traditional dish that has existed for a long time in the Netherlands since 400 BC. The cheese here is made with a secret recipe so it tastes better and tastes better than other cheeses in other countries. Milk must be incubated until freezing and then completely separated, this stage is difficult and requires the most technology, then mixed with a bad mold dry for 2 days to mix yeast.

After fermenting to create a different and rich flavor for cheese, it is soaked in salt water and dried before creating a layer of protective powder. Because of the thorough work, the cheese here can be stored and used for more than 1 year while maintaining its delicious taste.

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