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Let s begin with Pandora. There are variations pandora canada charms in the story Greece tells us about her, as is true of all Greek stories, but according to Hesiod, one of the earliest Greek poets and Homer s near contemporary, in whose work Theogony she first appears, Pandora s story begins when the gods and human beings decide to have a sacrificial feast together at Mekone. Human beings until then were only male  anthropoi  there were no women, the first one was yet to be born, yet to be created.

Would sow the seeds of jealousy, rivalry, disputes, conflict, dissonance, clashes, quarrels, discontent and greed. Her way would be seductive submissiveness. They wouldn t be able to do without her, they would so pang for her that separation from her even for pandora canada rings a moment would be hell for them. And with her in their homes and hearts  from where she would rule over them, dictate to them what to do and what not to do, play with them as though they were mere puppets make pandora leather bracelet them dance to her least wish and drive them insane.

That is what Pandora means, pan meaning all, and dora meaning gift. These gifts were meant to punish man, turn the world evil, fill it with misery and agony and distance man forever from the gods and all that made life worth living. She would be beautiful beyond words, and for that reason men would crave her, and suffer endlessly for it. Man would no more be the simple man, but would be split into male and female, forever restless, charms pandora forever seeking.

Down on the earth she opens the lid of the jar and all the gifts given her by the gods to punish man escape and spread all over the world  all except hope, which sustains man in the middle of all the misery that life had become. The vengeance of Zeus is complete now. This then is the story of Pandora, the first woman created according to Greek mythology. ~*~ Let us now take a look at the story of Sandhya, the first woman born of the Creator, Brahma according to Indian myths.

Following the birth of the mind-born sons, manasa-putras, as Brahma sat in deep meditation, from his mind was born a woman of amazing beauty named Sandhya, Twilight. She was endowed with every desirable quality, says the Kailka Purana: sampurna-gu?a-salini. There was no equal to her in the world of gods or anywhere else, and she was without equal in the past, present or future. Her hair was enticing blue-black and she had pandora bangle large blue eyes that reminded you of blue lotuses.

Those eyes were timid like those of a doe, moving constantly, and her eyebrows reached out towards her ears. Her nose resembled a sesame flower and was so incredibly beautiful that it made one feel as though it was the beauty of her forehead melting and flowing down in such a wonderful shape. Her face reminded you of a golden lotus; and her rich, lush red lower lip, the ripe bimba gourd. Her two full breasts, thrusting upward as though they were trying to reach her lovely chin [pinottungau, chibuka?

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