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This shared experience between Chris and baseball hats for men Sylvère is what's missing in the adapted Amazon television pilot episode of "I Love Dick." It's been replaced by other elements that will perhaps be more successful across a full series a new character, Devon (Roberta Colindrez), a neighbor of Chris and Sylvère's, seems especially promising. But this shared hysteria is such a singular and powerful element in the book that it was what I had been most excited to see interpreted. And maybe it will be in the series' subsequent episodes (the pilot helmed by "Transparent" showrunner Jill Soloway ultimately got picked up. This is only the beginning).

Even if they portray it, the subtle but substantial differences in Sylvère's character (Griffin Dunne) make me think that the hysteria will have a different tone. In "I Love Dick," Chris baseball hats mens (Kathryn Hahn) and Sylvère's dry spell is far more highlighted, and a source of passive aggression between the two a dynamic not particularly significant to the book. Sylvère demands that Chris read him the story she wrote about Dick after they have dinner with him.

In beach hat womens hearing about her desire for someone else, he is aroused for the first time in a long time, and ends their dry spell in a brief, triumphant burst. In the book it seems that the intense intimacy of writing letters together ends their dry spell, more of a natural, mutual if unceremonious progression of emotions. The sex is mentioned only after thirty pages "and then they made love" but not described, which lends to a sense of fluidity in all their modes of intimacy: writing, talking, taking turns to make wholesale hat coffee, having sex, describing their dreams, juggling finances, and living all over each other.

These relationships as they're shown in the pilot, between Chris and Sylvère, Chris and Dick, feel more common and categorizable than they do in the book. The conflicts are easier, more in the realm of situations we've seen before. And, in the book, Kraus eventually reaches beyond the hysteria between Chris and Sylvère, towards a simpler, perhaps more adult form of obsession.

In trying to describe the phenomenon I experienced with my friend akin to that happening between Chris and Sylvère in the book I'm perhaps doing something more similar to the Amazon pilot. I'm spending much more time describing our dance teacher our Dick than looking directly at an intimacy so intense that it transcended jealousy. That intimacy is much harder to study, harder to describe, because my friend and I weren't opposite each other, staring at one another. We were side by side. We were completely together and staring out at the world.

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