The only way to correct Microtia is surgery

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Maruti Cervo Mania in India Autos Articles | December 6 Brandon Scherff Hat , 2011
Maruti Cervo will be a game changer in every sense. The Tata Nano tried to be a game changer and it ended up being at the receiving end of the game. The car in the name of a cheap price tag ended up b...

Maruti Cervo will be a game changer in every sense. The Tata Nano tried to be a game changer and it ended up being at the receiving end of the game. The car in the name of a cheap price tag ended up being even cheaper in getting the desired sales numbers. Suzuki has a lot at its stake considering the massive failure of the Tata Nano and off course it has its own reputation to live up to with the likes of the hugely successful Maruti Suzuki Alto and the Wagon-R.

The Maruti Cervo will be positioned as a B-Segment car. The Maruti Cervo is a rip off the Japanese Suzuki Cervo which was recently launched in Japan. The Maruti Cervo is sleek car which comes with five doors. This car offers an equally cute power of 54bhp with a displacement of 660cc which is quite nippy with its performance on the city streets and boasts of a great fuel economy as well. The Ex-showroom Price of Maruti Cervo is expected to come between 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh. The car?s cost will be kept down by the use of some cheap material to make it cost less, but it is highly unlikely that Suzuki will use such cheap material considering the price range. The 800 will be removed and the Alto will be pushed down to accommodate the place for the Maruti Suzuki Cervo. The car will be expected to come with an engine capacity of 1 litre. Keeping the current trend in the Indian market Montae Nicholson Hat , the car with the 60-65 bhp is quite acceptable which will be sent to the front wheels.

The outsides of the Maruti Cervo somewhat look similar to the likes of the Honda Fit. The Maruti Cervo for a cheap car does have its share of limelight with some neat flowing lines and curves giving the car a rich and premium look. The black cover at the end of the windows is also well thought out to keep down the number of holes visible. The headlights are really daring and raring to go and are surely good enough to brighten up anyone?s day who steps inside the car. The back looks similar to that of a small mini SUV with a curving roofline, wedgy stance Jonathan Allen Hat , slanted headlights and stubby bonnet that makes the car stand apart from the rest of the crowd. The car sure seems to have got everything right and if the speculations are true about the car being launched at price under 2 lakhs it will surely be selling like hot cakes.

On the insides the car has rectangular air vents. The dashboard has some controls in a variety of shades that lighten up the mood inside the cabin. It also has a lot functional utility with lots of storage space for all the little frivolous things which we generally find irritating spattered around the car. The car does have its share of downfalls with a small boot space. The car is not for the long escapades but will surely come in handy for the daily shopping and the office shuttle.

What is Microtia and What Can Be Done About It? Health Articles | August 30, 2011
Microtia is a birth defect also known as little ear Derrius Guice Hat , this is a an overview of the root cause and treatment options available to correct this condition.

Microtia also known as little ear is a birth defect that occurs in as many as one out of every 12 births in the United States. Microtia is referred to as little ear because the outer ear is deformed and often just resembles a nub. In this condition both the outer and middle ears are underdeveloped, and as a result the majority of children with this condition will experience some degree of hearing loss or deafness.

Little ear affects boys more than girls Da'Ron Payne Hat , and is more common among Hispanics and Asians and Caucasians or African-Americans. This condition also is generally found on the right side more than on the left side and only rarely affects both ears.

One of the causes of little ear is known to be the mother taking a drug called Accutane during pregnancy. Accutane is a cancer treatment drug that is also used to treat severe skin conditions such as acne. Accutane works by killing off rapidly dividing cells, which can be fatal in the pregnancy. Between 1982 and 2003 two thousand women who were using Accutane became pregnant with the majority of pregnancies either terminated or ending in a miscarriage. Of the babies that were born Ryan Kerrigan Hat , 160 were born with little ear. This prompted a widespread crackdown of the use of Accutane with women who could become pregnant during the treatment process. But Accutane is not the only cause of little ear.

The only way to correct Microtia is surgery. Unfortunately surgery is not an option until the child is at least three years old but preferably 8 to 10 years old. There are three different ways for the surgeon to correct this defect. The first method requires a rib cage graft reconstruction which cannot be done until the child is at least eight years old although some surgeons will do the surgery when the child is at least six years old.

Another reconstructive method is to remodel the ear with a plastic implant which can be done as early as age 3. And finally a third method which is reserved for severe defects or patients who were unsuccessful with the other surgical methods and that is in an ear prosthesis which is made out of silicon and attach with titanium screws to the skull. The prosthesis ear resembles a real ear, even matching skin tone and is virtually indistinguishable from a natural ear.

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