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ÿþOnce upon a time, the idea nike air max 2016 womens of a sneaker company working with a boutique shop or an artist to produce a fresh take on an old favorite was unheard of. It used to be an all-business relationship between the two but once stores stared to become more cognizant of their  brand , they began to work their contacts on the other side, you started to see kicks in colorways and themes that you never imagined were possible (or legal).

It was part of Nike Basketball s big gamble: to make the game a year-round event. No longer was the swoosh content to have our attention and our wallets for nine months out of the year. They realized that rolling out one of nike air max 2016 mens their Big 3 during the summertime was a great way to keep the audience engaged and paying attention to the brand. Last summer was dominated by summer leagues and exhibition games that were sponsored by the swoosh, continuing a trend that started during the 2011 NBA lockout.

Performance also goes a long way in defining a sneaker s legacy and for many players in the NBA and across social media, the Nike KD 6 seemed to fill the void that was left in the wake of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite going high-cut. Thanks to Kobe s influence that low-cut basketball kicks aren t necessarily going to blow up your ankles on the court, the KD 6 may have seen a bump thanks to those Kobe fans that wanted a new pair to ball in but were not going to wait for the Nike Kobe 9 EM nike air max 2016 black or Low Elite.

The Nike KD 6 will also be remembered as the shoe that Durant wore en route to his first NBA MVP award. Even though his emotional speech has become the butt of many jokes, he was worthy of the honor and his myriad of epic scoring performance were all done in the Nike KD 6, not some takedown shoe. Durant was such a believer of his signature shoe that he didn t even bother to wear the Elite version come playoff time, even though the Elite was seen nike air max 2016 sale by some as being a better-performing and better-looking shoe overall.

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