Though the company was already on its way to

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Introducing the Mesa Safe MBF6032E Gun Safe Technology Articles | July 26 Nolan Patrick Jersey , 2010
The Mesa Safe MBF6032E Gun Safe Protect your weapons and other valuables combining all the security features of a burglar safe and the peace of mind of a fire safe. 1 HOUR FIRE RATING, tested in te...

The Mesa Safe MBF6032E Gun Safe Protect your weapons and other valuables combining all the security features of a burglar safe and the peace of mind of a fire safe. 1 HOUR FIRE RATING, tested in temperatures up to 1750 F.

Quick Overview * All Steel Construction * Gun Capacity: 26 Rifles * 1 Hour Fire Rating * Battery operated protected by a punch activated spring loaded re-locking device. * Interior Shelving can be adjusted to meet your unique storage needs. * Interior shelves, walls and door panel FULLY UPHOLSTERED. * Massive 1" diameter solid steel LIVE LOCKING BLOTS for added burglar protection * Four Anchor Holes provided to secure your safe to the floor * Massive 1" solid steel deadbolts protection against during a forced entry attempt * STEEL BODY with an overall thickness of 1-12" enclosing with fire resistant material

Additional Information Manufactured In: China Manuf Part # MBF6032E Model MBF6032E Weight 580.0000 Dimensions 59"H x 32"W x 22"D Expected Ship Date 1-3 Days Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty Outer (Exterior) Dimensions 59"H x 32"W x 22"D Inner (Interior) Dimensions 55.5"H x 28.5"W x 15.75"D Capacity (Cubic Feet) 14.4 Cubic Feet Lock Type Battery Operated Electronic Lock Fire Rating 1 Hour fire rating, tested in temperatures up to 1750 F Adjustable Shelves Yes Body Thickness 1 12" Door Thickness 3 34" Bolt Thickness 1 12" Can you Anchor? Yes Number of Anchors 2 Number of Anchor Holes 4 Number of Bolts 7 Live 5 Dead

Mesa Safe Company has been a leader in the safe industry since 1981 Cheap Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys , taking pride in providing the world with high strength, quality safes. Mesa was founded, and is still currently operated, by George L. Vicente. He started working in this industry at the young age of sixteen when hired by a local locksmith; he has not left the industry since. After years of running locksmith calls and then starting his own locksmith company, he founded Mesa Safe Company. With over 40 years experience in the safe industry Tyler Pitlick Flyers Jersey , Mesa designs safes with all steel components and high quality locking systems. Mesa provides a wide variety of safe types, including depository safes, fire safes, hotel safes, high security safes Kevin Hayes Flyers Jersey , wall safes, gun safes and many more. Always remember, "Better MESA SAFE than sorry!"

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The Original Backup Generators Home Repair Articles | March 1, 2010
Winco backup generators have been around since 1927. Learn about the amazing history of a company that started in rural Iowa and, in less than 15 years Brian Elliott Flyers Jersey , went on to supply the military in WW II.

I was recently looking at backup generators and came across a company called Winco Inc. They boasted being around since 1927, which I thought was quite early for a company that made generators. I wondered if they started making something else and then evolved into generators (which is quite common in the evolution of a company), but discovered that was not the case. Winco started making generators in 1927, and that is what they still do today. As they say, "Generators are what we do and we do them well."

When I think of the internet today James Van Riemsdyk Flyers Jersey , it is indispensable in my life. It is used for work, entertainment, news, connection with friends and family, and for instant information. Rather amazing since I hadn't even heard of the internet 20 years ago. Well Scott Laughton Flyers Jersey , the internet to us today, is the same as the radio was to everyday people in 1927. Families sat around them in the evening for entertainment, news and the latest information. It allowed them access to important world events quicker than anything that had been previously available.

Recognizing this importance is what lead John and Gerhard Albers of Iowa to develop a wind generator. These original backup generators consisted of a six-volt storage battery which was charged by wind power and used to power radios. This was perfect for the home that either didn't have electricity or for power outages. This ingenious device was known as the Wincharger, and soon John and Gerhard were making them for friends and neighbors.

The company grew and became incorporated in 1935. The radio company, Zenith Corp. Sean Couturier Flyers Jersey , purchased controlling shares of the company in late 1935, and began offering the Wincharger for $10 with the purchase of a Zenith radio. By 1937, Zenith had purchased the remaining shares of Wincharger stock. To provide power to a wider demographic, larger Winchargers were developed: the 12-volt, 32-volt Travis Konecny Flyers Jersey , and 110-volt backup generators.? By this time the Wincharger was internationally known for its unfailing dependability.

Though the company was already on its way to being very successful, what really launched them into the big time was the important role they played in World War II. Wincharger developed the Dynamotor which was used in military aircraft and ships. I bet that was something John and Gerhard never even thought of when they were developing a way to listen to their radio in rural Iowa in 1927! Not only did they supply for the Army and Navy, but they also received numerous awards for excellence as a quality military supplier.

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