In Europe the situation is a bit more complicated

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Poker is a time honored game that has been played for many years. Over time it has been a fun way to pass time, a bonding ritual between friends as well as a way to lose or make fortunes with the turn of a hand. There is a good reason the game has been immortalized in books, plays and movies for so long. As time changed and technology progressed video poker online has made the game more accessible than previously thought possible.

Previously it was simply not possible to play opponents from far flung areas. The cost of traveling to tournaments was too expensive for any one except professional players. With the rise of the Internet and improved web cameras it is now possible to play any one from anywhere anytime.

Perhaps the most important difference between playing online poker via the video interface is that with the video format it is possible to read body language in real time and use the visual cues in much the same way one does in a live game. This is a distinct advantage over simple online poker.

While this is all good and well there are still a few obstacles that stand in the way of true international tournaments being conducted on the net. The biggest of these is that different countries have different laws regarding online gambling and players and organizers need to trade carefully in order not to cause incidents.

The United states of America is currently the largest force to be reckoned with in this arena. They have the most amount of gambling sites on the Internet, generate the largest amounts or revenue and also have the biggest number of players with a significant majority from within the country but a lot more from the international community. Therefore it came as a shock when American lawmakers shut down the biggest online poker sites a few days ago. Word is still pending on whether this is a permanent move. The good news is that overseas players can continue with no interruption.

In Europe the situation is a bit more complicated. According to an agreement all countries that are part of the European Union are bound by the same laws so in theory its completely legal. However because each EU member state is allowed to have their own laws which govern online gambling some have outlawed it on the net while allowing it in casinos and other states seek to prevent foreign companies from entering the market. It really varies country by country.

Australia has a long history of gambling and actually holds the world record for the country with the largest number of people who participate in recreational gambling Budda Baker Jersey , the figure is pretty large. In principle the Australian government does not allow online casinos to provide such services to Australian citizens. They also try to regulate the industry as much as possible, which is difficult when the majority of companies offering this service are based outside the country.

So in essence video poker online is a lot of fun and freely available in a lot of places. The important thing is for the player to do plenty of research ahead of time to ensure no laws are being broken and everything is above board.

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