Even during the current recession

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In Hinduism http://www.cheapjordan4shoesforsale.com/ , people believe that the samsar concept includes life, death and then rebirth. Hindus have a goal to attain moksha after the death, or as known as the salvation state. When a person attains moksha, then his or soul will go to Brahman which is the ultimate destination. Similar to Hindu customers, even the Sikh as faith in reincarnation or termed as life cycle. Every religion has its own customs when it comes to death as well. In this piece of article Cheap Jordan 6 , we shall know specifically about the Hindu and Sikh funeral arrangements.

When it comes to Hindu funeral arrangements, the preparations are to be begun on the same day. The funeral ceremony has to be done immediately either by next dawn or dusk. The family members of the deceased are supposed to call a priest for guidance and to complete the process of funeral from the home to the funeral place. If it is a male, then chandan and vibhuti (sandalwood and ash) are to be applied on the forehead. And if it is a female, haldi or turmeric is applies. The body s adorned with glowers and placed in a simple casket. There is funeral transportation available, one needs to find a right contact.

The loved ones and known people visit and perform prayers and condolences. Then the make members take the body to the funeral place and perform other hindu funerals procedures. Then Cheap Jordan 4 , the cremations are to be performed on the Ganga river, which is considered to be a holy place of hindus. The body is placed on pyre and burnt. Then 13 days are marked as the mourning period. And after completion of one year, Shradh ceremony is done by calling the priest.

Talking about the Sikh funerals, the ceremony is termed as Antam Sanskaar. It is basically known as a time when there is a celebration for the completion of life. As per Sikhism, death is natural and there will be reincarnation after that. After the cremation in Sikhism Cheap Jordan 1 , the family members conduct Sadharan Paath where everyone gathers and perform prayers from the holy book which is Guru Granth Sahib. The path period takes place for 10 continuous days. After the cremation is done in the funeral home, the ashes are either flown in the river or buried.

No matter what the religion is, there are Indian funeral directors available to help you out with the procedures of funeral, in case you have no idea. You can contact them for guidance.

Sikh funerals are done as per the traditions, after the funeral Cheap Jordan 13 , the family members spend time in prayers so that the soul of the dead person gets Moksha easily.

As per the Hindu funerals, the process has to be started immediately so that the soul of the dead person will leave the world easily.

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