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TSNs Jack Armstrong offers his thoughts on Raptors small forward Steve Novak, Nets shooting guard Marcus Thorntons firepower and deep range, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondos talent and the Chicago Bulls harder work on the court. Cheap Nike Shoes Free Shipping . 1. HUGE GAME: Im here in NYC for the Raptors at Nets game Monday night. Some games are just bigger than others and this is one of them. Four games separate them for first place in the Atlantic. Tie-breaker at stake, as well. A win by the Raps would be a major step with only 20 games to play beyond this one. Both are on a back-to-back. Its a tough challenge for Toronto versus a desperate opponent. I cant wait. 2. STEVE NOVAK (Raptors): The five three-pointers at Minnesota were major. Patrick Patterson is out and its all about digging deeper into your bench and he delivered. The sum is more important than the parts. Love how Landry Fields and Chuck Hayes have performed when needed as well. 3. MARCUS THORNTON (Nets): 27 points Sunday night versus his old Kings team. A terrific pickup for Brooklyn. He gives them firepower and deep range. Streaky scorer who can change a game quick if hes hot. He did that on Sunday night. He is the perfect complement off the bench for their team. 4. RAJON RONDO (Celtics): 11 points and 18 assists on Sunday versus the Pistons. GM Danny Ainges phone will be ringing off the hook this summer if he keeps dropping as many dimes as he did on Sunday. Hes a wonderful talent and if he gets back to being the explosive lead guard he once was, watch out! 5. CHICAGO BULLS: Watched their overtime win over the Heat on Sunday. What can you say, other than wow! No team in the NBA plays harder than them. Coach Thibodeau gets after it and Joakim Noah is that guy you want on your side. Hustle truly is a talent. Cheap Nike Shoes From China . - The New England Patriots needed help on defence so they added three experienced players at midseason. Cheap Nike Shoes Authentic . Unfortunately for Toronto, that surge was too much to handle as the Stars scored six straight goals and ended the Marlies season with a 6-2 victory on Tuesday. Toronto had built a 2-0 lead on goals by Frazer McLaren and Peter Holland, but Texas charged back with a wild rally late in the second period to spark its trip to the Calder Cup final. . A little more than one year after missing a last-second tip-in that would have given the Wolverines a share of the Big Ten regular-season title, the 6-foot-8 forward scored on a layup with 7.In both the East and the West semifinals, the better team won. With Montreal, Jonathan Crompton did what he has done so successfully all year, moving the ball along while depending on others as much as himself - and that is a skill. If you have a quarterback too wrapped up in the all mighty I - as in, I want to do this I want to do that - then there is truly a chance youre going to get a quarterback that makes as many game changing mistakes as game changing plays. Johnathan Cromptons greatest asset may be an absence of ego. He is simply one of the guys on the field and part of the team, not the quarterback leading the team. I thought the Eastern semifinal game changed in the opening drive of the third quarter, when Montreal took the ball and drove the ball 78 yards on nine plays to increase their lead from 15-3 to 22-3, taking over five minutes off the clock in the process. Yet, it was the way they drove that changed the game as well. Driving with good, sound running plays on a Lions defence that is as good as any up front. Tom Higgins, Jeff Garcia, Ryan Dinwiddie and all on the offensive staff should be congratulated on the Allouttes turnaround. But offensive line coach Kris Sweet stands out after the play of his group on Sunday. Sweet is not everyones cup of tea as a coach because of his intensity and history in Edmonton, but he is excelling in Montreal. When you are starting your fourth running back in Brandon Rutley and your team rushes for 207 yards, you know everything came together up front throughout the game. Kevin Glenn had a tough day but in his defence, many quarterbacks have had tough days against Montreal - especially at McGill. Nonetheless going completing just 4 of 15 passes in the first half is a bad outing. The strength for Montreal as they return to Hamilton to avenge their 29-15 Week 20 loss is the rationalization the reason they lost was due to the mistakes they made and not so much what Hamilton did. And that is the right approach to have because it puts in the mind of the team that if we control what we can to control, we will win. Which is true, as long as long you play that way. The sequence of football success is always the same. First, avoid. Avoid game changing mistakes, turnovers, penalties and mental errors . Second, create. Make things happen as individuals and groups of individuals. Execute the basics and fundamentals first and then make the spectacular happen. Thhird is force. Nike Shoes Sale. Force the opponent into mistakes by creating everything theyre trying to avoid. Good teams have a force my will on you mentality and, if sustained long enough and with enough intensity, it will happen. Fourth, capitalize. If your opponent makes a mistake, especially if it is unforced, then capitalize on that mistake. Sudden change is extremely significant and when sudden change happens for you, you need sevens to appear as fast as possible. If you can make those four things happen, you will have success. Edmonton followed that recipe as well as any team in the regular season, but entered the post-season limping at quarterback. I have to agree with the masses that if Darian Durant was 100 per cent, the final of 18-10 for Edmonton may have been 18-10 for Saskatchewan. Edmonton, despite all the turnover assistance could not put Saskatchewan away. And based on all that assistance, they should have easily. This week will be about a foot, Mike Reillys foot to be exact. Is it better is it worse, what is it saying, how is it feeling, can he practice on it? Bottom line is, over the next six days it will heal a bit, nothing so dramatic that Reilly will be running again at top speed, but he should be better. Calgary caught a break in the broken bone of the Edmonton quarterback and they know it. I expect Mike Reilly to play but I dont think he will be 100 per cent. There were a lot of game changing moments in the West semifinal but when it was all over, the Saskatchewan Roughriders ran for 47 yards while Edmonton rushed for 150. The lack of a good running game put too much pressure on the quarterbacks, which allowed the Eskimos to create pressure with a blitzing defence. In both the East and West finals, there will be big advantages for home teams; physically rested and mentally sharp. For the visiting teams, both will come into their games playing tough and battle tested. There is little conclusive statistical evidence as to which previous experience is more advantageous, mostly because there are benefits to both. Eventually, it all comes back to avoid, create, force and capitalize. Four of the most important words for football player and in any football game. If theyre evident on Sunday for your team, then youre on your way to Vancouver for the 102nd Grey Cup. If not, time to warm up the TV. The former is much more gratifying than the later, and I speak from experience. ' ' '

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