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Adwords versus Adsense

Advertising with Adwords is for the Internet marketer who wants to generate traffic to their site. Adsense is for the Internet publisher that is willing to allow Adwords ads to appear on their website that are related to their topic. The Adwords advertiser pays a fee for getting the advertising space and Google shares some of that money with the Adsense publisher that allows the ads to appear.

This is a true win-win situation since the advertiser has their ads show up only to markets that are interested in their services or products wholesale nike air max trainers , the publisher providing the space gets a monetary benefit and the traffic find the information they want readily available.

Adwords Rules and Regulations

Before you even consider using Adwords as a means of generating traffic, you need to become familiar with Google's Adwords rules, terms, conditions, regulations and what they will and will not accept and tolerate. Google wholesale nike trainers china , being such a large and respected organization, does not take lightly those people who try to bend the rules to get around them. They will rather quickly ban those people from using their Adwords or Adsense systems.

If you don't want to follow the rules provided by Google, you will not become a success with Adwords. You'll probably end up being barred from even trying your hands with the system.

Where Adwords Appear

When you set up an Adwords account, you are given access to a keyword area that you can bid on keywords and establish your Adwords spending budget. This determines how often and how high a position your Adwords ads will get on various web pages. The more you bid on a keyword, the higher your position and the more often your ad will appear.

The keyword that is bid on is the keyword used on webmaster's search engine optimized websites. So wholesale nike air max , if you want to advertise to people that have an interest in buying parts for sports cars, you might want to bid on "sports cars", "sportscars" or a similar Adword keyword.

Adword and Adsense combine to locate web pages that are formatted to allow an advertisement about your selected keyword to come into that web page. Sometimes more than one ad will appear on a web page and how high in the order your ad falls depends on how much you are paying.

In the case of Adwords, you do get what you pay for. If you are willing to pay more for a keyword, you will get a higher frequency and higher position in the list of ads on a web site if more than one is used. If only one Adwords ad is used wholesale nike air max shoes china uk , only the high bidders get selected. Most web sites provide two or three ads per web page.

The Conversion Factor

Once Adwords have gotten traffic to your website, the rest is up to you. You must convince the traffic to convert to sales or provide a call to action so strong that the visitor is compelled to perform the action you desire.

The only purpose of Adwords is to get the traffic to your site. Do not expect the sales to occur unless you provide top-quality information, products or services and provide these in attractive, easy to use formats.

Learning to be assertive takes time, courage and the ability to recognize the situation for what is really is.

You want to get something done wholesale nike trainers china uk , and you need another's help. You can request it, you can demand it, or you can sit back and hope that it happens. The first behavior is an example of assertion, or standing up for your own rights without violating the rights of others. The second is aggression; you are standing up for your rights, but violating another's right to voluntary action. The third choice is submission wholesale nike air max trainers uk , a failure to stand up for your own rights at all.

Being assertive is not easy. Like any other expression of emotion, it involves risk-taking, since feelings handled inappropriately in the workplace are a well-known source of anger or conflict. But letting fear of conflict inhibit expression only increases stress and anxiety. Until appropriate expression of feelings is considered possible many people fail to learn which battles to fight. In a conscious effort to avoid confrontation, they give ground on issues of paramount importance or end up taking an aggressive stand on a trivial issue.


? You control your feelings and by being assertive you can change the situation that is creating a problem.

? Ask yourself what is being lost, and how difficult it will be to regain if you avoid a situation instead of confronting it.

? Learn to be rational. Ask yourself: "Do I know all the facts? Am I overreacting? Am I worrying about nothing? What am I losing by letting the situation continue? Am I the cause of the conflict?

? Delay causes damage! The longer you avoid meeting a situation head-on and on resolving issues wholesale nike air max white uk , the greater the damage that can be done. Pent up resentment leads eventually to explosions at those around you, or to implosions in the form of negative self-image or tension-related physical ailments.

By taking things personally, people assume the role of target in situations that are not in fact directed against them. It is safer to assume that almost all problems are professional and to respond to them that way. The minute you start taking things personally, you diminish your ability to be rational and therefore assertive. Be sure the risk of assertiveness is worth taking by determining whether or not you have something to gain. Failing to be assertive in such a situation can set a precedent for others to use or abuse you.

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