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What are the Global Enterprise Mobility Trends in 2018 Technology Articles | June 20 Darrell Henderson Rams Jersey , 2018

Enterprise mobility is the need of the hour and every organization out there is realizing the many benefits it has to offer. This article talks about the upcoming trends to watch out for in 2018 that are sure to influence the enterprise mobility market.

Enterprise mobility is the next big thing and there are stats to testify its growth in popularity. Studies show that around 61% of employees report working outside the office at least part of the time and 71% of organizations today believe in giving high priority to enterprise mobility and other mobile solutions and services. This has led to increased employee satisfaction as well as higher productivity for the organizations. Here are some key global market trends that will redefine the way providers of mobile solution services and enterprise mobility solutions, such as Cisco, Deloitte Taylor Rapp Rams Jersey , The Digital Group, and Stratix design their solutions.

1] Increasing Popularity of BYOD

The Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD) culture is witnessing a growth in popularity with all the major organizations across the globe and experts predict this trend will continue to rise. BYOD implies organizations asking employees to bring their own devices Ė laptops, tablets and even smartphones Ė to work. One cannot ignore the fact that BYOD has helped employees work on the go Cory Littleton Rams Jersey , thus boosting their productivity and the organizational efficiency.

2] Growth of Artificial Intelligence

In this era of automation, artificial intelligence (AI) is the driving force behind almost all the modern technologies used today, with the focus being on machine learning. Most organizations have completely switched to automation and have taken the necessary steps for the integration of AI in the business processes. Google Robert Woods Rams Jersey , Amazon and Apple are just a few names. However, there are still others who havenít and 2018 will be all about them taking initiatives to incorporate AI into the scheme of things.

3] Increased Adoption of Hybrid Cloud Technology

One of the reasons cloud computing is so popular today is that it is highly accessible and helps in curtailing costs. Moreover, its ability to store enormous amounts of data is a great benefit that businesses cannot ignore Jared Goff Rams Jersey , more so because of the explosive growth of data. Cloud storage is essential to enterprise mobility as it allows employees to access data from anywhere around the globe. This is the reason experts predict its growth in 2018 and beyond.

4] Higher Demand for Location Based Apps

With the popularity of mobile devices, there is an increasing demand for location based apps and this is expected to rise in 2018. The modern consumer is getting increasingly tech-savvy and prefers to use smartphones to look for the local businesses and services. Advanced technology, such as the Google Advanced Search uses the GPS feature to show relevant results in the userís geographical location and this has changed the way prospective customers find a business.

5] Multi-Layered Security

As employees bring their own devices to the office Cooper Kupp Rams Jersey , there will be an increasing requirement for higher security enforcement to counter the threat of security breach. Data is the most precious asset to any organization and protecting this data will be of utmost importance. Thus, multi-layered security will be the order of the day to increase data security and keep the data safe.

The trends indicate that there is going be a boost in the investment in enterprise mobility solutions. What sounds really interesting to organizations is the fact that enterprise mobility, along with other mobile solution services Gerald Everett Rams Jersey , are turning out to be a wise investment that are fetching huge ROI.

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