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Do you want to reduce your electricity bill to Zero? Well, if yes, then solar is the answer.

Residential solar panel system can help you save up to 99% on your electricity bill. And there are many other reasons for you to go for a residential solar installation.

Freedom from unscheduled power cuts.
Solar Plus Storage means no need for another energy backup.
Complete return on investment.
Minimal maintenance and you can also reduce your carbon footprint.
Environmentally friendly energy.

Residential solar is one of the most popular solutions for homeowners, these days. They are installed on top of the roofs of your house and capture sunlight to convert it into electrical energy using photovoltaic cells. These lightweight modules can be easily installed on any roof style, including tile, shingle, and metal or can also be installed on ground, in your backyard.

How Much Will It Cost?

The average cost of solar power system in California was $3.23 per watt, by the end of 2017. Today, the average system size in U.S. is around 6 kilowatts and the average price for a solar panel system in CA is around $19,500, before the federal tax rebate (ITC) or any local incentives.

Benefits of Residential Solar

Residential solar panels are a one-time investment and its payback period is relatively short.
Solar investments provide an IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of 10-20%, which is far better than regular investment scheme or investing in stock market.
Once the initial investment has been recovered, the solar energy becomes free.
It practically saves you money on your electricity bill or can possibly even eliminate it.
Solar investments shield you from electricity rates, which increase by approximately 6.7% every year on average.

Residential Solar Installation

The time it takes to install the residential solar panels can vary from one month to up to three months. Residential solar installation includes 7 major steps, which contributes to the speed of the project.

Finding a Solar Installer
Engineer Makes A Site Visit
Pulling Permits
Raking in Solar Incentives
Ordering the Solar Equipment
Scheduling Your Solar Installation
The Final Approval by An Inspector

Solar panels may take a little long, but are worth the wait.

If you also wish to invest in a residential solar system, make sure you opt for Online Solar and get your custom designed solar system, which provides optimal performance, offers complete return-on-investment and also comes with warranty.

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