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4 Reasons Why You Should Use AngularJS in Salesforce Computers Articles | August 16 Javier Hernandez Mexico Jersey , 2016

Combination of Visualforce and AngularJS is in boom due to the fact that AngularJS can drastically saves time and at the same time it improves the page UI.?It is easy for developers to create?Visualforce apps.?

If you ask with any web or mobile app developer, why they prefer to use AngularJS their first reply would be because it’s always great. And then they talk about various reasons starting from performance, time saving, convenience Javier Aquino Mexico Jersey , speed, affordable. If the same has been asked from the Salesforce developers sometime back, the answer what we can think of is? What angular are you talking about??” Due to boom in mobile, there is a rapid change in the past 2 years. Just to have Salesforce mobile compatible Hugo Ayala Mexico Jersey , and to get connected with more and more people with the Salesforce data, organizations are more dependent on Visualforce, leading to the rise of Single Page Visualforce based applications.

Why use AngularJS for Salesforce?

The wide use of Angular JS is to develop web or mobile web solutions. Combination of Visualforce and AngularJS is in boom due to the fact that AngularJS can drastically saves time and at the same time it improves the page UI. But the use is not limited to the above stated fact only. Here are some more reasons why we can use Angular JS:

1.Realtime Data Binding

The inbuilt two-way data binding features of AngularJS provides us the advantage to stop worrying when we play with data. To understand the importance of realtime data binding we have to understand what actually two-way data binding is. The standard applications bind data in only one way, i.e. to create a fixed unchangeable view Hirving Lozano Mexico Jersey , they merge the view template and the data components. Any change which happens in data is never reflected automatically in the view because of which in older web apps every time we have to refresh the web page to view the changes.

View and model are connected in AngularJS because of which whenever there is any change in model, view automatically changes.

Two-way data binding is very important in Salesforce Apps Development?especially in those which involved real-time data or need features that require real-time manipulation of the data which is insert by the user. For example, a calculator that need user input.

2.Deep Linking

In latest apps and web pages, URL is not specific to the pages only but the certain specific page modules can also be accessed through URL itself. AngularJS has inbuilt features which actually allow you to use this feature of deep linking.

Deep Linking feature can be extended to a Visualforce app as well. For example instead of sending the URL of the whole help library to a client like example.ap1.forcehelp-library Hector Moreno Mexico Jersey , you can send the URL like example.ap1.forcehelp-library#Section4 that takes them to specific section as required.

3.Angular JS is injectable

This feature helps to speed up the development time and results in major time saving. AngularJS holds module development features that allow you to easily inject dependencies in components. For example, in a tax calculating app, instead of creating the slab rates you can create a dependency which is responsible for tax rates and can pass these dependencies to calculator components. Not only this but ‘service’ dependencies’ can also be created. Modules and components throughout the app can be customized and reused without much coding. This also gives great flexibility in testing the App.

4.Fluid User Experience

Apart from technical reasons, AngularJS is also great in creating the app more appealing. Visualforce pages are created to bypass the UI of Salesforce The prebuilt libraries Hector Herrera Mexico Jersey , components, and modules of the framework saves development time and also gives the app a visual upgrade.


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