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Part of our pandora careers business is doing radio promotion to terrestrial and net stations. We know! Raising rates on net stations that stream will simply kill off many stations, and these are the very stations that artists, especially independent ones, rely on to introduce their music to new audiences. Indie's already complain about the lack of exposure they get on radio, and now wiping out a large number of internet stations will simply cut out what little chance the have of reaching potential new fans.

Which are simply cloud based storage systems, can sneak in under the same low royalty rates the legitimate stations pay. With these on-demand services you can listen to whatever, whenever, wherever, anytime you want, and you don't have to buy that dreaded download. They music pandora aus is now free. Pandora and other streaming RADIO stations are great methods of exposure that lead to sales. On-demand streamers kill sales. The issue isn't the technology.

It's the use of that technology. One way is great, the other is a disaster! What pandora rings sale needs to be done is to change the definition and rules of how the royalties are applied, not the rates. Keep them low or even abolish them for the stations that are true RADIO stations and expose and advertise our music for free. That's a bargain. For the cloud based on-demand streamers hike the rates and nail them to the wall. They're the ones screwing the artists by giving the music away for free.

ÿþOne of the major usability issue was that the users were unable pandora princess ring to find where they can share their music. This is a common feature used by Pandora's competitors and is usually visible to the users somewhere near the song. Both groups struggled to find this tool and some users even attempted to CTRL F and find the word share. Pandora uses an overlay list over the album cover of the song that is playing, and at the bottom of that list is the share option.

Although this did not seem like a big issue for the Pandora Users group, this did cause frustration in the Non-Pandora Users group. Many of the participants tended to click on the My Stations section and did not even notice that you can scroll down on the main screen. One participant noted that the blue color blends everything together making it hard to tell the difference between the blues. Pandora tries to guide the users towards the bottom of the page by pandora crown ring adding a blue overlay to indicate there is more to be seen .

To highlight to the user that the page is scrollable, Pandora can change the background color to white to give a larger contrast between the sections. Instead of blue being the main color, it can be the highlighter color, bringing attention to specific spots. This can them lead the users to scroll down to find the similar artists section. Another possible solution is to put an option near the Album art that says Find Similar Artists, which could then bring you down to the bottom of the page.

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