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Top 10 Websites to Learn Fashion From ECommerce Articles | March 15 Jarrad Davis Hat , 2009
Being a fashionista means knowing what's in, and not just putting on cute outfits. These websites will make sure you don't make mistakes.10. Essortment's Classic Fashion (http:www.essortment...

Being a fashionista means knowing what's in, and not just putting on cute outfits. These websites will make sure you don't make mistakes.

10. Essortment's Classic Fashion (http:www.essortmentallclassicsfashion_ripc.htm) is a site that will teach you about classic fashion and the difference between what is here to stay and what is just a passing trend.

9. Ehow's How to Be a Fashionista (http:www.ehowhow_2087252_be-fashionista) is somewhere you can go to if money is not an issue. The site also focuses on the fashionista who knows fashion real well and who also likes to be in fashion. The main focus, though, is that fashionistas must always keep on top of trends, so prepare your wallet Kerryon Johnson Hat , call up your girlfriends, and put on your most comfortable shoes.

8. How to Become a Fashionista by Wikihow (http:www.wikihowBecome-a-Fashionista) has a comprehensive illustration on the steps to "become" a fashionista with tips on how to reinvent that wardrobe. This will help you be the fashionista with an original style. It is a moderate site, which means that it does not advocate skimping out, though it will not tell you to mortgage your house just to dress well.

7. About's Fashion for Women (http:fashion.about) is the site where the latest trends are found. After all, you won't deserve to title of "fashionista" if you're wearing clothes from last season. About will help you keep on top of your look.

6. StyleList (http:www.stylelisttrends) is another site for the latest fashion trends which will tell you if skinny jeans are still in, or if you should go rummaging for those go-go boots that you're keeping Frank Ragnow Hat , just in case the retro-look becomes fashionable again.

5. omg! Celebrity Gossip (http:omg.yahoo) is more of a celebrity site, but it does do a lot to define the face of fashion. After all, to have an idea of what is right, one must have an idea of what is wrong - not to mention the site is just plain fun. It features the many missteps by celebrities (who not only follow, but lead in fashion), and gives you a clue on what NOT to wear.

4. Squidoo's How to Be a Fashionista (http:www.squidoofashionista52) is yet another site for the budget-conscious fashionista wannabe Marvin Jones Jr Hat , which kind of makes sense because for women, shopping and finding bargains put together is such a happy combination.

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