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The Wonders of Ruggero Santilli
Posted by HelenaNelson on April 10th Will Harris Youth Jersey , 2018

Science is an amazing subject. It is such a marvelous field that every day new inventions are being made that aid in making manís life easier and better. Again, science is not just one subject or area of research. Rather, it is a multifaceted and multidimensional field; a harmonious amalgamation of various areas. One such area of recent interest is the concept of the magnecule theory and the HHO gas. The father of this very interesting concept is none other than Ruggero Santilli.

The American origin scientist Ruggero Santilli is known for his ground breaking ideas on the concept of magnecule theory. He is currently associated with the Thunder Energy Corporation. This corporation is dedicated to the research and production of new era technologies. This includes producing nuclear equipments; optical instruments and combustion apparatuses. The fact that Thunder Energy Corporation is a leader with their revolutionary approach towards the use of alternative energy sources is because of the contribution and guidance of the famous scientist Ruggero Santilli.

The contribution of Thunder Energy Corporation and its founder president Santilli are as follows:

Division of Nuclear Equipment (TEC-DNE): the primary contribution of the corporation to the planet is the production of nuclear equipment that would generate neutrons from a hydrogen gas. This means that the hazardous radioactive elements like uranium are not required to be used. The concept of generating neutrons from hydrogen gas lies in the belief that neutrons are produced from hydrogen in the core of stars. This equipment generates neutrons from hydrogen gas at a very reasonable rate thereby proving useful in case of laboratory research experiments and other purposes.Division of Combustion Equipment (TEC-DCE): this machine is yet another wonder in the field of science and technology as it has been highly beneficial in achieving total combustion of the fossil fuels while generating energy. As a result of this Jahlani Tavai Youth Jersey , the energy output would also reach an optimum level. Generally, when fossil fuels are burnt to produce energy, the combustion is never complete leading to wastage of fossil fuels. This technology not only achieves total combustion of fossil fuels but also eliminate the probability of the presence of exhaust of contaminants which reduces the energy output significantly.Division of Optical Equipment (TEC-DOE): we are very well aware of the convex lenses of the telescope invented by Galileo which are still very much used to detect matter galaxies. But T.J. Hockenson Youth Jersey , in order to detect the antimatter galaxies, you would definitely find the concave lens telescope of santilli to be highly useful. The inspection of the night sky with the santilli telescope has opened entirely new vistas of knowledge about the galaxies.
Thus, we see that santilli and his Thunder Energy Corporation indeed play an important role in bringing about revolutionary changes in the new era technologies. We do hope that the coming years would witness even bigger revolutions.

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