California’s Residential Solar Mandate Is a Win for California’s Solar Sector

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California’s residential solar mandate, the first of its kind for the nation, has finally won the approval, after California Building Standards Commission signed off on the residential solar mandate. According to the official news, all new homes in California will have to incorporate solar power starting in 2020.

The Shocker & The Surprise

For many people in California, the residential solar mandate came as a shocker, as building codes are really not a typical venue for solar policy. The rules have been in the works for some time, but a correct process was followed to increase clean energy requirements under California's Building Energy Standards.

The New Standards

The new standards will require all new homes under three stories high to install solar panels from New Year. These solar systems must be sized to net out the annual energy usage of the house.

The new standards also highlight the demand-responsive technologies including heat pump water heaters and battery storage. A few other energy-efficiency upgrades will be combined with the new solar requirement and the revised building codes will then be able to help slash energy usage in new homes by more than 50%. These solar-powered and highly energy-efficient homes will help families save money on their utility bills, right from the moment they will walk through their front door.

California Energy Commission

Over the past three years, California Energy Commission has performed in-depth analysis on the new rules. CEC gathered official public input from all relevant stakeholders, including homebuilders, utilities, lighting industry, solar companies and others.

According to the analysis, requiring solar would be cost-effective in all climate zones of the state. With the new change, homeowners will be able to save $40 every month, which will be roughly $500 per year. The new standards are expected to add around $40 per month to a typical mortgage payment. However, the costs are overshadowed by an expected $80 per month in energy savings.

The new codes are definitely a win-win situation for California’s solar sector.

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