• IES/ISS from deep instituteDateSat Jun 22, 2019 12:12 am
    Blog post by Rajat

    Deep institute is absolutely the best coaching center for ISS which attract is its faculty members all the teachers are so good they are very easily available even outside the class. Even on the social media like Whats App teachers responds to our problems very frequently. the main thing that make this institute unique is best for statistics. Econometric and mathematics. He improves your ability to think how math go with economics as we know without math economics is incomplete so guys-for me it’s the best so you can go with deep institute for ISS.
    Joining deep institute will help aspirants in terms of building a strong foundation of basics of statistics .it will also help in building concepts to discover various other dimension Sudhir has unique method of teaching that makes class interactive and productive. He is also very supportive and helpful and so are other faculties and staff.
    As far as my concern, deep institute is best institute for living your dreams especially one is preparing for IES/ISS exams. Deep institute really makes it easy for the aspirants like me to score well in exams and thereby securing a bright future .the best part about this coaching is that there is best faculty and pay a lot to them for our better studies and I think this is the main reason behind their success rate .this years also they have produced toppers .
    When I joined deep institute, I was not so strong in my technical concepts but by the end, I have built up a strong command over my concepts and problem-solving approach with their help.
    I think deep institute has done a great R&D as per the exam syllabus because the books which it provides to us are more than enough.
    I also joined test series for evaluation of my work to regularly check my strength & weaknesses.
    Test series by deep institute is also gives you an edge over preparations. Deep institute is best institute & faculties makes their efforts towards engineers. As of now they have improvised a lot, their 2-year programmer. Recently they have launched banner on Facebook channel.
    In a nutshell, its is the best helping hand for one who is looking to prepare for IES/ISS.

  • best coaching for IIT aspirantsDateSat Jun 22, 2019 12:47 am
    Blog post by Rajat

    A selection of good coaching is very necessary for preparing entrance exam.If student really want to think about the coaching forIndian economic service syllabus so i would like to tell the students that every coaching teaches and every teaches gives student better education.but now a days education system has totally changed.every coaching institution wants to earn money.they forget their moral responsibilities.they just want to increase batch size or focus on those students who are intelligent or generate the result so that they can show the result or make money.they are really professional.i am not a teacher or i dont have my coaching.i just want to tell whoever want to join a better coaching institution please go for deep institute they are really good.the fees is absolutely low and student will get good results and dont go for local institutes.

    i also would like to tell students that best coaching is nothing best is guru only. best coaching are always transparent, in the sense ,they give trail classes. i personally believe ,each student has a guru made for him/her .the student has to just search for the guru till he/she finds one.

    it is better if student focus on himself . rather finding the one to guide, lead student. dear students Dont hesitate to make mistakes. i have heard that deep institute in Delhi is a good institute for preparation of IIT . they have good amount of student -teacher ratio.their quality study materials have helped the students to get rank in IIT exams .
    i will prefer anyone without thinking -DEEP INSTITUTE in Delhi.

    every student should remember that no coaching is a passport to IIT. work hard and achieve goals.try for scholarships exams these coaching takes once in a while. it can lower financial burden from parents shoulders.also ,many of them have special admission discounts for merit holders. student can get some concession over there also .


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