• How to Delete or Close Outlook Account Permanently?DateTue Aug 27, 2019 3:32 pm

    Microsoft’s latest web mail service, Outlook comes with all the goods such as huge amount of storage space, better editing features, and immersive interface and of course support for social networking sites.
    All these features and many more make the webmail service first choice of the users. But for some reason, if you wish to close or delete Outlook account permanently, this is how you can do it.

    It is essential to change all the email addresses to the alternate ones before deleting your Outlook account, if you have been using the same Outlook address for any some other services.

    Delete or Close Outlook account:-

    1. Sign into your Outlook account and click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

    2. From the options available, choose ‘More mail settings’. You will be presented with the following options:

    • Managing your account
    • Preventing junk email
    • Customizing Outlook

    3. From the above, select ‘Managing your account’. Immediately you will be directed to a new page displaying your ‘Account Summary’ and
    ‘Password and Security info’.

    4. Just scroll-down the page. There you will find the ‘Close account ‘option. Click on the option.

    5. Now, before you close your account permanently, Outlook will request you to check ‘privacy and cookies’ statement. In addition to this, it will provide you information on – what happens to your info if you choose to close your account.

    6. Then finally it will ask you to verify your account to close it down.

    7. In the end, you will be asked to deactivate your Hotmail account. Once you do it your account will be closed.

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  • How to Reset Your Microsoft Account Password?DateTue Aug 20, 2019 4:08 pm

    Microsoft account (formally Windows Live ID) is widely used to log on to numerous Microsoft applications and services, from Hotmail to SkyDrive to Office Live 365. And with the new Windows 8, now you can login to Windows 8 with the Microsoft account. If you have forgotten your password or think that your Microsoft account may have been compromised, you'll need to Reset Microsoft account Recovery password as soon as possible.

    The method that you use to reset Microsoft account depends on whether you remember the password or not. After resetting your Microsoft account password, you'll change the password used to logon Windows 8 computers, the Windows Store, Windows Phone devices, Xbox video game systems,,, Skype, Office 365, Sky drive, etc.

    How to Reset Microsoft Account Password When You Forgot Password?

    1. Reset with Security Info (alternate email address or phone number)

    If you have forgotten your Microsoft account password, the following steps can help you to get it back. Before getting started, make sure the security info associated with their account is correct and up-to-date. Otherwise, skip to Method.

    2. Figure out what email address you're using for your Microsoft account.

    Open the Microsoft Account Password Reset page from any browser on any computer or device. Click to go to Microsoft Account Password Reset page.

    Enter your email address in the Microsoft account field and enter the verification code provided. Click "Next" to go on.
    • If you choose "Email me a reset link", log in to the alternate email address and click the link in the message from Microsoft. Enter a new password for your Microsoft account.
    • Choose "Send a code to my phone", if you provided your cell phone number when you created your Windows Live ID. Enter the code that Microsoft sends to your phone via text message into the Enter Code box. Enter a new password for your Windows Live account.
    • Choose "I Can't Use Any of These Options" if you are unable to reset your Microsoft account. And enter your email address and a contact email address. Click "Next" to go on.
    After that, you need to complete the questionnaire provided and wait for Microsoft customer service to respond to you via your alternate email address. Once you do get an email from Microsoft account team, click the password reset link included in the message, enter a new password for your Microsoft account.

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  • Email is a critical part of our work and daily life. We often contact each other through email. And at our work, when we need to arrange the work and send it to employees, it is more efficient if sent by email. We can record the working process in this way as well.
    Hotmail always do well in communicating since it was released. But if you forgot your password of Hotmail, what can you do to get it back? For this situation, it is easy for you to get the password back if you still remember your alternative phone number or alternative email. But what if you forgot that alternative email, or you are no longer using the alternative phone number? Don't worry, our article will provide some solutions for you.

    We will show you how to reset Hotmail password without alternative phone number/email.

    Reset Hotmail password with the alternative phone number or email:-

    If you forgot your alternative phone number or email, just skip this part and go to Part 3. If you have mistakenly deleted Emails in your Hotmail, try to recover the deleted Hotmail.

    Step 1 Go to the Hotmail login portal and click the Sign in button.

    Step 2 Enter your Hotmail account to the box and click next.

    Step 3 Try to enter a wrong password and click the Sign in button, there will be words appear in the log in window. Click "reset it now".

    Step 4 Enter your Hotmail account to the box and Click the Next button. And you will be asked to enter the characters you see in this Recover your account window, then click next.

    Step 5 Enter the verification code you received to the box in the "Verify your identity" window, then click next.

    Step 6 now you are allowed to reset your password, just enter a new password and click next. Then you will receive a popup which is written with "Your password was changed".

    Recover Hotmail password without the alternative phone number or email

    Step 1 Go to and sign in using your phone number or email address.

    Step 2 in the "Enter password" window, just click "I forgot my password".

    Step 3 you will be asked "Why can't you sign in", just select "I forgot my password" and click next.

    Step 4 Enter the verification code you received and click next.

    Step 5 as you do not have an alternative phone number and email, you need to select "I don't have any of these" and click the Next button.

    Step 6 Answer the questions in the form for verify your identity.

    Step 7 after your information has been submitted, you will receive an email stating the success request in 24 hours.

    Now have you known how to Reset Hotmail password? Maybe you are confused about the methods above, but don't worry, just try you will know how exactly it is going on.

    Don't forget to leave your comments with us!

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  • How to Reset a Lost Hotmail Account Password?DateThu Aug 08, 2019 4:32 pm

    It's easy to reset your Hotmail password if you've forgotten it. Maybe it's been too long since you last used your email and so you're having trouble remembering the password. Regardless of the reason for resetting your Hotmail password, you can use Outlook to do it.

    How to Reset a Forgotten Live Mail Hotmail Account Password?

    When you're on the Outlook login screen, all you have to do is follow the on-screen steps to choose a new password and get back into your mail. You have to use Outlook instead of since the former is how you access Hotmail email—both @outlook accounts and @Hotmail accounts are accessed through Outlook.

    Resetting a Hotmail password is just as easy as reset password Hotmail account: just follow the instructions to verify your identity and get a new email password.

    1. Open Outlook in your web browser to find the sign-in page.
    2. Enter your Hotmail email address and then click next.
    3. On the password screen, click the Forgot my password link.
    4. From the Why can't you sign in? Page, choose I forgot my password and then click next.
    5. To recover your Hotmail password, verify your email address on the next screen and then type the characters you see in the image, followed by Next.
    6. Regardless of what's on the Verify your identity page—since the options there depend on how you've set up security in your Hotmail account—choose Use a different verification option.
    7. Choose an appropriate option from that list:

    • The email option sends a password reset link to the email address on file. You have to enter the full address in order to use this method.
    • The text option sends a text message to help you log in. Type the last four digits of your phone number to use it.
    • Another option, if you've enabled it in the past, is to use the authenticator app to reset your password.
    • Finally, if you don't have access to any of those reset methods, you can choose I don't have any of these.
    • Choose Send code if you picked the email or text option, or click Next if you're using the app to reset your Hotmail password or if you don't have access to any of those methods.

    8. Enter a new password into both fields provided on the website, and click Next to finish resetting your Hotmail password.

    If you don't use your Hotmail account recovery very much anymore, and that's the reason you've forgotten the password, consider forwarding emails sent to that address to some other account that you do use and check often (like a Gmail or Yahoo account, or even another Outlook account).

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  • Hotmail recently updated their algorithms and majority of Hotmail users will find their emails are being sent to the Spam folder or are not being received at all.

    Please follow the below steps to ensure you receive all emails in your regular inbox. Please note that you can only complete the below on a computer and not a mobile device.

    Fix Hotmail/Outlook Not Receiving Emails | Can’t Receive Emails on Outlook/Hotmail

    When you can send emails but can’t receive emails in Hotmail / outlook account. This error can be a little frustrating for you.

    Actually, this error comes because of a few common reasons.

    In this article, we will discuss the root cause of why is Hotmail/Outlook not receiving emails and how can we fix them.

    If you are also dealing with the outlook not receiving emails problem, I will recommend you to read this article and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

    Before sharing the steps let me inform you, the instructions given here, is for Hotmail not receiving emails only. If you are having send & receive problem with your Hotmail account, you need to visit:

    How to Fix Outlook not receiving Emails Problem?

    Check Hotmail server status-

    Before you will go for any further options, first you need to go ahead and check the server status. Maybe you are having “Hotmail not receiving emails problem” due to outlook server down in your area. So you should not forget to check the server status.

    If you find outlook server down, I will recommend you wait for a while. Once the server will be up and working fine, you will automatically get rid of can’t receive the email in Hotmail problem.

    But if outlook /Hotmail server is working fine but still you are going through outlook not receiving emails problem. You need to jump to the next step.

    Check Email Filter or block list:

    • Before you will go for further steps, first you need to check the trash or delete the folder, this might possible you are receiving the emails from senders but they are directly going to delete or trash folder instead of inbox or assigned folder.

    • Check blocked mail option in your Hotmail / outlook account, maybe you have blocked the email accounts, that’s why the emails are automatically going to trash folder. For more information about how to block emails, you may visit: how to unblock emails in outlook.

    Check Email Forwarding settings:

    Did you check the trash folder on your Hotmail account? If you are not receiving emails into the trash. Then it seems like, your emails are being forwarded to someone else or there is something wrong with pop or IMAP settings.

    That’s why you are going through Hotmail not receiving emails problem.

    So you need to stop forwarding and turn the pop/IMAP settings off. And then try to check your emails. I hope, now you will able to send and receive the mails,

    So these are the steps to fix Hotmail not receiving emails or outlook not receiving emails.

    If you have any other problem. Please leave a comment below.

    We will try to solve your query.

    Thank you for reading can't receive emails in Hotmail problem post.

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  • How to Fix Blue Screen Windows 10 Error?DateFri Jul 26, 2019 3:05 pm

    Windows 10 undoubtedly is one of the more reliable and faster OS as compared to any other previous Windows OS. But it does not mean that you would not get any issue because of the combination of Windows 10 and the latest computer features occurs several issues and blue screen error is one among those which is highly faced by the users whenever they try to update their OS or doing any important work. There could be multiple reasons behind the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issue and it’s very important to fix this issue which is possible to fix within simple troubleshooting.

    Here are the Steps to fix BSOD in Windows 10 Problem:

    Check your storage capacity

    One of the most crucial reasons behind this error is low storage space. If your computer has not enough storage which is used by the Windows OS, then you may get stuck into Blue Screen of Death error in your Windows 10 computer. So before taking any step, check whether your computer has enough storage space and if didn’t, then remove the unwanted files from your computer.

    Scan your computer

    Sometimes unwanted virus or malware also caused a blue screen of death error in Windows 10 computer. So you can simply scan your computer for any kind of virus or other threats and if anything finds, then delete it from your computer.

    Update your computer’s driver

    Using corrupt and fault driver may also occur lots of problems including the BSOD and in such conditions, you can upgrade the driver with the latest one through the below steps:

    • First of all, fully scan your computer and go to the official driver website.
    • Download the driver and then install them.
    • Now click on Update option during the installation.
    • After that, restart your computer.

    With these above-stated steps, you can fix blue screen Windows 10 problem in a very simple way and if you have any other kind of query, then contact the customer support team for getting an effective assistance to fix windows 10 activation error 0xc004f050 issues.

    Source: - Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Error in Windows 10

  • How to Fix “Outlook Cannot Connect to Server”?DateMon Jul 22, 2019 6:49 pm

    Are you getting any difficulty in sending and receiving emails with Outlook? Then it means you are confronting the Error ox800ccc0e which is almost confronted by the every user. A lot of factors affect this issue and you have to know about the each one because every particular reason may cause Outlook cannot connect to server issue which would stop to connect your SMTP account with multiple email service providers.

    Here are the Steps to Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e Error:

    Solution 1# Check your internet connectivity

    This error may also cause if you are not connected to an active internet connectivity which is very important to run multiple applications including the Outlook on your computer. You can also switch to another Wi-Fi network to see whether the problem is with Outlook or your internet connection.

    Solution 2# Check the settings for email account in Outlook

    Sometimes incorrect incoming and outgoing account settings also cause Outlook cannot connect to server issue. So you have to check that all the account settings are correct that you have entered in Outlook for a particular email account. When checking the settings, you have also made sure that username and password is also entered in correct manner.

    Solution 3# Check SMTP server settings

    The error 0x800ccc0e may also cause due to SMTP server settings and you can check or modify these settings with the help of below steps:

    • Open the Outlook and then go to file section.
    • Click on Account Settings.
    • Click on your email account under the Email tab.
    • Now click on More Settings option.
    • Now click on Outgoing Server tab and then check the box my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
    • Check the Port number and then click on the OK tab.

    In case Outlook not connecting to server even after applying the above-mentioned steps, then contact the customer support team where you can obtain the reliable solutions to fix this problem in a very simple manner.

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  • How to Fix Outlook Search Function not working?DateWed Jul 17, 2019 4:32 pm

    Sometimes whenever you make any search in Microsoft Outlook 2016, a pop-up appears in front of your screen says “No message found”. This problem occurs due to multiple reasons and you have to find those issues and then fix them immediately in order to get back to use the search feature on Microsoft Outlook 2016. One of the most common reasons behind the Outlook 2016 search not working is improper indexing if your search item is not in indexing list, then you can’t use the search function. This solution is the last article because if nothing works out then this solution will surely search not working on mac for outlook all issues with your device and will solve Microsoft outlook Search Not Working properly in mac problem.

    Here are the simple steps to fix Outlook 2016 search not working issue:

    Method 1: Check the indexing status

    An improper indexing may also cause several issues and search not working issue on Outlook is one among those. You can check the indexing status through the below steps:
    • First of all, open the Outlook and then click on the Search box.
    • Click on Search tools and then choose Indexing status.
    • Now Indexing Status dialog box will open where you can see how much items are remaining for indexing.
    • If you see the zero times are remaining, and then it means indexing is completed or if not, then wait to be completed.

    Method 2: Rebuild the index

    If search the bar has stopped working suddenly, then you can follow the below steps to fix Outlook 365 search not working issue in a very easy way just by rebuilding the index:
    • Click on File tab in your Outlook 365 which is available on the top-corner side.
    • Click on the Options and then choose Search.
    • Now click on Indexing Options.
    • Now you can see that which locations are indexed and then click on advanced option.
    • After that, look for troubleshooting section and then click on Rebuild.
    • Now rebuild the index to complete the process and then search option will work successfully.

    Method 3: Remove the special characters

    If you are using Outlook 2016 on Mac, then there could be lots of special characters and you can fix Outlook search not working Mac simply just by removing them through the below steps:
    • Go to the Profile Name on Outlook.
    • Click on Go and then click on Applications option.
    • Click on Outlook and then choose Show Package Contents.
    • After that, remove the special characters by applying the on-screen instructions.

    With these above given methods, Outlook search not working issue can be fixed in a simple manner and if you are still getting any error, then contact the customer the support team for a result oriented assistance. As per you post, Windows 10 Search function not working on your system and we are glad to assist you. If you're having problems outlook search not working properly on mac, try using the outlook Search and troubleshooter to solve the issue.

    Note :- That’s it you have successfully solve Microsoft outlook Search Not Working in mac/Windows 10 but if you still have any questions regarding this instruction then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.

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  • Outlook is a great program for managing your emails from multiple accounts. Outlook also provides a wide range of features that can be useful for overall time management. Overall, Outlook is a great software that is suitable for business people for management of emails. But, despite being very useful, you might encounter some problems while using Outlook for Mac. A very common problem in outlook for mac search issue is its search problems. Sometimes, if you try to search for a specific email you will get “No results found” from the search result.

    How to solve Microsoft Outlook Search Function Not Working?

    This is a problem because it will give you the “No results found” answer even if your email is in the folder. The error comes without any prior warning so you won’t be able to detect or prevent it. This can be a huge problem especially for people with a lot of emails because it would take a lot of time for them to go through all the emails.

    The exact reason of this error is still unknown though but there are a couple of things that might cause this problem like corrupt or incomplete spotlight indexing, one of the parent folders being in privacy tab, Outlook profile folder being stored at a wrong place and several others. Since it can happen because of a lot of things, there are multiple methods that you can try to solve this.

    So, go through each method listed below and check whether the problem is solved after following each method.

    • If you recently added a new account or a new profile or imported new data into the Outlook then it might simply be a matter of time. It takes some time to add newly imported data to Spotlight index. So wait until the indexing is complete and then try again.

    • Make sure that you have all the latest updates of office. The issue is usually solved by updating your Microsoft Office as well. To update, just simply open Microsoft Outlook, select Help and then select Check for updates. It will check and automatically install the updates.

    • Sometimes the problem might be caused by the Outlook Profile folder being stored at the wrong place. There is a default location where these folders are supposed to be stored. So, checking these places is a good way to check whether the problem is because of wrong destination. This is the default location /Users/<Username>/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles.

    • Make sure that there aren’t any special characters in your Outlook Profile’s name because that can create a lot of problems. If there are then go to method 1 to delete and recreate your Outlook Profile.

    • However, if you don’t want to delete and recreate your profile, you can go to this location /Users/<Username>/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/ and rename your Profile folder without the special characters as well. Don’t forget to replace “<Username>” with your mac username.

    When your index has finished rebuilding, you can go ahead and restart your Microsoft Outlook searches. This should have fixed your Microsoft Outlook search not working problems.

    Source: - Outlook for MAC Search Not Working

  • How to Fix Microsoft Office not Activating Issue?DateWed Jul 10, 2019 5:13 pm

    Microsoft Office is one of the popular software used by the billions of users across the world for varied office and personal work purposes. Users can access MS Office on multiple devices in a very simple manner just after installing it on their device. But users stuck into varied problems when they try to activate or install it and then look for the ways to fix these issues.

    In this article, you will be learned about the step by step procedure to resolve multiple issues related to activation and others.

    How to activate a Microsoft product key?

    If you have recently purchased a new Microsoft product, then you can simply activate it just by using the product key. But if you are confronting Microsoft Office not activated error, then you can go through the below steps to activate your product:

    • Open the Microsoft product on your computer which can be opened by double-clicking on it.
    • Click on Activate tab.
    • Now click on Enter Product Key option enter the product key provided by the Microsoft into the given field.
    • Click on Continue tab and then sign in to your Microsoft account.
    • After that, click on Finish Activation tab.

    Microsoft Office Activation Wizard pop-up alert can always cause bang from a buck, and it will never carry on complicated scams, but usually the simple will more possibly result in huge damage. It will disguise like a support advice by warning you that your Microsoft Office needs to be activated and it suggests you to call 1 855 345 8210 helpline phone number. To your surprise, Microsoft Office Activation Wizard pop-up alert is not revealing itself but making a scheme to elicit your faith. When you are deceived into calling their Technical assistant team.

    How to fix Microsoft Office activation errors?

    Are you get stuck into any error during the activation of your Microsoft product? Then you can either reactivate Microsoft Office or follow the below simple and easy instructions to fix this issue:

    Method 1: Run Office as administrator

    This problem may also occur if your product is not getting permission from your computer and then you can follow the below steps:

    • Type Microsoft Office into the search bar and then press the Enter.
    • Now right-click on it and then choose the option Run as Administrator.
    • Choose Yes to run Office as an Administrator.

    Method 2: Disable Proxy Servers

    If you are using any Proxy Server, then Microsoft office not activation wizard may occur due to the misconfiguration in proxy server. You can disable the proxy server through the below steps:
    • Click on Start menu and then open the Settings.
    • Click on Network & Internet option.
    • Now click on Proxy icon which is available on the left pane side window.
    • After that, disable the automatically detect settings option to disable the proxy servers.

    In this, way you can simply fix the varied activation related issues on Microsoft office and if you are not able to resolve, then contact the customer support team for obtaining the result oriented solutions. In this way, you should remove Microsoft Office Activation Wizard pop-up alert soon. Please check out the Microsoft Office Activation not working instruction here and it will assist you well.

    Source: - Microsoft office not activation Error

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